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Committee Members

Alan Somerscales Chairman
Michael Galligan Treasurer
Martin Sizer Secretary

Steve Gaughan
Rick Merrill
Paul Holley
Anna Holley
Jill Somerscales
Gwen Thompson
Steve Penney
Luca Saulle
Lauri Fox

Caistor in Bloom Constitution

Name of the Organisation
The organisation shall be known as Caistor in Bloom Group

The aims of Caistor in Bloom shall be :

To promote initiatives within the community which improve the environmental presentation of Caistor for the benefit of residents, visitors and local business;

To support and encourage residents and businesses to value and improve their local environments;

To identify areas for developing into attractive green and floral public spaces;

to liaise and work with all interested people, agencies and parties to improve the natural environment of Caistor;

to encourage sustainable developments wherever possible;

To develop public awareness of the Caistor In Bloom Group.

Officers of the Committee
The work of the Caistor in Bloom Group shall be guided by a Committee. Officers shall include:

Chair Person



The Committee shall use its discretion to co-opt other people with relevant expertise.

There shall be a Committee meeting held monthly. All members of the Caistor in Bloom Group are welcome to attend. A quorum shall exist when four (4) members of the Committee are present.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held end of October of each year.
The business of the AGM shall be to:

receive the annual report of the Caistor in Bloom Group;

accept the statement of accounts;

Elect Committee officers for the forthcoming year.

Extraordinary General Meetings may be requested in writing and signed by at least three members and submitted to the Committee. A minimum of 21 days notice shall be given. The notice shall state the purpose of the meeting. No other business may be transacted at these meetings.

Decision making
Decisions will be taken through discussion and by reaching a consensus of the membership. The Committee will act in the best interests of various bodies, groups and individuals, therefore decisions will need to be well-informed, using up-to-date and accurate information.

It is envisaged that most decisions will not require a vote, however if a consensus cannot be reached, a simple majority vote by a show of hands will be taken. In the case of a tie, the Chair shall either choose to cast a second vote, or choose to defer the item under discussion until further information can be gained.

An account shall be opened in the name of Caistor in Bloom Group with a recognised bank or building society. All monies received on behalf of Caistor in Bloom shall be deposited in that account. Two signatures will be required to sign all cheques.

A full statement of receipts and payments including an up to date balance sheet will be presented at the AGM. All monies received by the Caistor in Bloom Group shall be used to further the objectives of Caistor in Bloom and used for no other purpose.

Amendments to the Constitution
Amendments to the constitution of the Caistor in Bloom Group shall be decided at an AGM or at an Extraordinary General Meeting. An amendment needs to be placed in writing and signed by three members and submitted to the Committee no later than 21 days before the proposed meeting. Any amendment so submitted will be discussed by the existing Committee and prior to the election of officers for the forthcoming year. Amendments to the constitution require a vote in which at least 50% of the members present are in favour of the change.

If the Committee considers that on the grounds of expense or otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Caistor in Bloom Group a Special Meeting shall be called.

If such a resolution is confirmed and the Caistor in Bloom Group is subsequently dissolved, then the Treasurer shall transfer all remaining funds, after payment of outstanding accounts, to Caistor Town Council, with the understanding that such funds will be used to improve the green and floral environment of Caistor.

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