Caistor in Bloom 2018 Projects

The Caistor in Bloom volunteers committee have revealed an extra seven projects for their busy year ahead. If anyone fancies giving them a hand please let Michael Galligan know

List of Projects 2018


1    Cromwell View Bank                                                                                      

2    Nettleton Road Bank down by the bus stop

3    Doctors area – wildflowers

4    Whitegate Hill – wildflower area

5    North Kelsey Road Bank

6   Cherry Valley Bank

7   Wagon Clean Up and adjacent area

8   Community Orchard

9   Town Hall Car Park  

10 Congregational Churchyard

11 South Street Park – Community Garden

12 Flower beds around all the town entrance signs

13 Westbrook Grove

14 Planters around the town cleared out

15 The wildflower area at the Meadows

16 New Lamppost baskets

17 Pony Trap locations

18 Yarborough School Bed

19 Top Tier planting in square

20 Hanging Baskets – Town Hall Carpark toilets

21 Colour Scheme for flowers in Market Place

22 Bulbs Giveaway

23 Painting of planters

23 Open Gardens June 2018

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